14 thoughts on “Inclusion through “Skype” technology”

  1. I think it’s really nice that they found a way for children with different abilities to be included into the classroom by Skype. It is also nice to know that teachers are going that one step further to include them.

  2. I am a strong believer of inclusion. Being a preschool teacher i do IEP for children At-Risk with the help of the district and their famalies. Again patience, building relationship with the child and supportive to their parents is half work more easier and rewarding. Now I attend workshops and read books and study the research, above all i am taking a cless to learn more to work with special children in the general classrooms. From my experiences with two children in particular ilearned most obvios things which i would have never encountered. They change my mindset of they need special classroom to progress. Eventually the other children were more close and friendly to the children. Even the parents were changing their opinion about teachers. Ialso feel we as teachers should take more inicentive to support the system and make a differance in the childrens life. I again support Ruby Ramirez message. Lastly in my opinion every child is special in one or other way, then who are we to exclude them from the general classrooms.

  3. All students should be given the opportunity to lead as normal a life as possible. If this technology allows students to feel more included with their peers then it should be taken into consideration when writing up their IEP.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with Cynthia :) children should have the opportunity to an education.

  5. I am so proud of Mr. Crosby for looking into Skype and initiating the process for Celeste. There is a girl at our church who has struggled with leukemia for several years and when she was unable to be at school, she got way behind in her studies. Her parents tried to find a way for her to be involved with other children but she was isolated due to her very fragile immune system. Education should be the most important issue in our country because it is necessary for all people to provide for themselves in the future and to keep our country strong. Children need to socialize with their peers and to be included no matter what. Inclusion builds confidence and it replaces fear with tolerance and understanding.

  6. Everyone wants a chance at a normal life. And to allow someone whether through technology or in class education, it is important that everyone is given a chance to learn and grow and be successful. This is great.

  7. its amazing how advanced technology has gotten in the past few years for the better as into helping those kids who are disabled to live a normal life just as any other kid, and having the other children involve was great because they are learning to value the importance of not judging others, but rather accepting them whether they are different or not.

  8. Each child is different. Technology has grown so much over the years that it can be beneficial in some cases.(just depends on the childs situation). Compare Special Education from back when we did’nt have it until now big difference to even have skype as an option is amazing. Again each case is different.

  9. It’s a great idea to be Skyping with students that can’t be in class for any reason because for a child it’s important to be and feel included in this that other kids are included in. It’s definitely something I would do if I felt the need to.

  10. Greetings!

    There are some great thoughts on here about the use of technology and how it aides with the facilitation of inclusion for exceptional learners. I DO AGREE that technology can be best utilized if it meets the particular needs of the student(s) who may be using it…I assume therein lies the challenge: matching exceptional learners with the best available technology that can be accessed by the student(s)…

    Having said that, I do feel that the use of technology should be balanced and that moderation of use should be regularly scrutinized so that dependence on the technological aide is not occurring…

    If it was a child of my own, then this would be a much more challenging topic of debate as the stakes would be much higher since the risk versus the reward is real…

  11. Skyping is a great idea, but what about the children who don’t have access to that? If they were given into the classrooms and that’s the way they will communicate with others than that would be a positive movement.

  12. Wow! technology is awesome! I’m so encouraged to see that we can use technology for inclusion. All professional educators need to have this kind of spirit of experimenting. Using Skype to include children of special needs increases the probability that the students would benefit from regular education students. Technology can facilitate inclusion and much more.

  13. This could help students in Special ed. who are missing class and want to learn. This opens new doors and possibilities that never end. We live in a time where technology has been an epic change in everyone’s life. It makes you wonder what can we do now to help our education system grow and what can we use to continue that growth?

  14. Inclusion is so powerful, especially at this age. This was such a wonderful idea for all parties. The students that were physically in class were able to better understand Celeste is just like them regardless of her situation. She was able to go through recovery in a healthy environment and feel wanted by her peers. Without this type of technology, this would be nearly impossible. The students are able to connect on a deeper level. Everyone needs a strong support system. The teacher thought outside the box and really embraced a tough situation.

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